“I am here to make education fashionable” Julius Malema states


“I am here to make education fashionable. Let us not compete for material things, let us compete for knowledge that cannot be taken away from us. Education and jobs are on the same WhatsApp group,” EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema stated at a rally that was held at the Galeshewe circle on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

CIC Malema made the statement after visiting Kimberly and Barkly West on his 2019 Elections campaign. He also reiterated his advocacy for free education and employment equality and noted that “You must not be employed because you are a member or part of a faction of the ANC.”

“It is not ANC money. People should be ashamed to accept a social grant. We do not want people to be dependent on state grants and food parcels. They must earn their own salaries so that they can buy their own things. We want independent thinkers who are not Zoompified.”

He criticised the current government and called for its restructuring. “These ministers do nothing. They are useless and only become useful on payday. We are paying for their offices and staff in Pretoria and Cape Town, as well as their accommodation, catering and travel expenses. If we cut this by half, we will save the money and give it to our grandparents who are taking care of our children. They will not squander the money, or use it to buy alcohol.”


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