Cameroon military Court Adjourn Maurice kamto’s trial


Angry residents of Yaounde express frustration as the trial of Cameroon’s main opposition leader, Maurice Kamto was adjourned on Friday.

Kamto’s trial for insurrection will now take place on October 8.

“While the charges against them were being read, one of them – counselor Christian Penda Ekoka – felt dizzy and I have to tell you what led to this discomfort. This audience was held in a sort of matchbox, forgive my use of the term. The room is very small and poorly ventilated. We were suffocating and I think this is what led to the discomfort that caused suspension of the hearing”, Kamto’s lawyer, Ntchale Michel said.

Solve the Anglophone crisis and release the political prisoners.This will calm tensions

Residents reiterate their plea for the Anglophone crisis to be resolved.

“I traveled more than 600 kilometres to attend this trial. For me, it’s a historical trial. We are asking the Biya’s government to do two things, solve the Anglophone crisis and release the political prisoners. This will calm tensions”, psychologist and president of an association for the protection of human rights, Germain Ekwala said.

Maurice Kamto claimed to have won last year’s presidential election. He came in second against President Paul Biya in the polls. Kamto was put to trial along with 88 others in a military court for insurrection.

Human rights groups have denounced the jurisdiction of the military court to try the case.



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