Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday announced the country intends to file a declaration of intervention in South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Egypt’s announcement follows several other countries’ requests to intervene in the case.

In their statement, the ministry said the intervention comes in light of Israel’s increasing aggression against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, as well as the systematic practices perpetrated against the Palestinian people, such as the targeting of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure. It further stated that Israel’s attacks, which violate international law, international humanitarian law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, forced the civilian population to flee, displacing more than 1.7 million people, thereby creating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis which has consequently resulted in deplorable and unliveable conditions in Gaza, and Palestine as a whole.

In December 2023, South Africa filed an application initiating judicial proceedings against Israel for violating its obligations under the Genocide Convention. The application sought provisional measures to safeguard Palestinian rights under the Convention and ensure Israel’s compliance therewith. The ICJ, in March, ordered provisional measures, demanding Israel immediately ” take all necessary and effective measures” to ensure the “unhindered” flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza, including food, water, fuel, medicine, and sanitation supplies, and to ensure that its military does not take actions that could violate the Genocide Convention.

South Africa subsequently requested the ICJ impose additional provisional measures and modify previous provisional measures against Israel. The request came after the IDF ordered civilians to evacuate ahead of impending strikes by the Israeli military.

Several countries have since announced their intervention in the case, including ColombiaNicaragua, and more recently Libya, while Turkey announced its intention to join the case against Israel.

Egypt, in its statement, urged Israel to abide by its international obligations as the occupying power to execute the provisional measures issued by the ICJ and ensure humanitarian aid reaches Palestinians. It further called on the UN Security Council to take urgent actions for a ceasefire in Gaza and cease military operations in Rafah.

Source: Jurist News


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