Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange refuses extradiction consent


The wikileaks founder Julian Assange has told a British court, Thurday that he does no consent to his extraction to the US. He made the statement via video link at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

“I do not wish to surrender myself for extradition for doing journalism that has won many awards and protected many people.” the Mr. Assange told the court.

The US is seeking extradiction of Mr. Assange to the US to face charges related to leaking government secrets.

Mr. Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks in prison on Wednesday for breaching the Bail Act. In 2012 he took refuge at the Bolivian embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations. He was evicted from the Bolivian embassy by order of the president and dragged into custody by the British Police on April 11, 2019


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