ISIL Leader, Al-Baghdadi appears in video after 5 years


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who proclaim the creation of a Calliphate in Iraq and Syria has appeared in an 18 minutes video released by the Islamic State on Monday. The video posted on Islamic State’s al-Furqan media network is the first appearance of the fugitive Islamic State leader in 5 years. He was last heard in an audio recording in August last year.

Sitting cross-legged alongside a Kalashnikov rifle , he acknowledges the defeat of the Islamic state in Syria.

“Truthfully, the battle of Islam and its people against the cross and its people is a long battle, …. The battle of Baghouz is over. But it did show the savagery, brutality and ill intentions of the Christians towards the Muslim community.”

The remnants of Isis were ousted from their last stronghold in the eastern Syrian desert a few week back. Baghdadi announced the creation of IS in 2004 in Mosul, Iraq.

In the video the IS leader also mentioned Sudan, Algeria and praised the bombing in Sri Lanka last week.


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