Senior Comrade Robert Mugabe’s Remains taken to his Kutama Village


The remains of former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe will be taken to his village of Kutama, northwest of the capital Harare on Monday, to allow his family to pay him a final tribute, his family announced on Sunday.

The 95 years old former president of Zimbabwe and a hero of of the liberation of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole did in Singapore. In the fast days, thousands of Zimbabwean and other Africans have been filing past the open casket in Harare. On Saturday, a state funeral was held attended by 11 present and former head of states.

At the funeral, Former Ghanaian President, Jerry John Rawlings has eulogised Robert Mugabe as one of African’s “most formidable warriors”. “He was not only a popular and fearless liberation fighter; Mugabe was not only a teacher, but most of all an impressive moral compass,” Comrade Rawlings, one of the true heroes of African liberation, added. He described Senior Comrade Mugabe as “an impressive moral compass”

Mugabe’s remains will to be buried within a month at the “Field of Heroes”, a monument in the capital, once a mausoleum has been built in his honour.

The African Economic Liberation Movement and all Pan-African Movement continue to celebrate the life of our Hero and Senior Comrade and plegde to continue the fight until his vision and the visions of all African Liberation Heroes gone before him is completely realised


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