Over 300 new mining sites discovered in Cameroon


Cameroon’s Minister of Mining, Industries and Technological Development Gabriel Dodo Ndoke announced on Tuesday that 300 mining sites have been discovered in the country in the past 5 years. Sapphire, zinc, rare earth, uranium, nickel and manganese are among the rich minerals discovered in a project funded by the World Bank.

The Minister was speaking at the 2019 edition of Cameroon International Mining Exhibition and Conference (CIMEC), held from 2 – 4 September 2019 in the capital city, Yaounde. “The stakes of CIMEC are high given the multi-faceted, short and medium term benefits accruing from investments made and which we wish to attain through the mining and processing of minerals,” Ndoke said.

Pan- African movements and activists in Cameroon and across Africa are watching carefully to see if the Cameroon government will take advantage of these great opportunities to create economic growth and youth employment or turn it into a curse. Cameroon is ranked very lower on the list of well managed countries in Africa with a very high youth unemployment rate


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