Ethiopia declares nationwide state of emergency


Ethiopia 🇪🇹- Ethiopia declares NATIONWIDE state of EMERGENCY after Tigrayan fighters said they had captured two strategic towns in Amhara region and considered marching on Addis Ababa. The announcement came two days after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged citizens to take up arms to defend themselves against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The decision to impose a nationwide state of emergency was made by the Ethiopian Council of Ministers, which is expected to be endorsed by the Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (HoPR) within the coming two days period. The state of emergency will remain in force for six months. Ethiopia last imposed such a measure in February 2018 for six months ahead of the transition of power to Abiy. Curfews were enforced and people’s movements restricted, while thousands of people were detained.

The government said soldiers were still battling for control for the two key towns, some 400km (250 miles) from Addis Ababa. Much of northern #Ethiopia is under a communications blackout and access for #journalists is restricted, making battlefield claims difficult to verify independently.

Earlier on Tuesday, authorities in Addis Ababa told residents to register their weapons in the next two days and prepare to defend the city.


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