Pan-African24 in its goal to encourage and promote young creative minds in Africa reach out to Ouro Tagba Anwar Sadat. He is the brain behind a sensational Valentine’s day poetry production. The poetry piece stood out as it explores the little discussed topic of distant relationships.

Contact by Pan-Africa24, Ouro Tagba Anwar Sadat had this to say:

Distance relationship is a poetry piece narrated by Poetra Baidawu and Official Anwar. The poem explored the pain “Victims” of distance relationship go through. The project is produced by OIF productions and a crew that states they intends to be the voice of the voiceless.

Asked about their motivation and future place, the young talent said:

We are working on other topic covering a wide range of topical project. We are also working on improving our audio-visual production. We hope to inspire African youth to follow their passion and work on their gifted talent. We will like to encourage and promote young African writers, spoken word artist, poetry and motivational speakers. Our YouTube Channel is Anwar Official

Below is “Distant Relationship”

Distance Relationship By OfficialAnwar ft Poetra Baidawu

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